What YouTubers Think Of… Just Cause 3

8 December 2015, 17:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Trust us: You NEED this game!

There's a certain game that comes around every few years which throws the entire Internet into a mass bundle of excitement. A game that is so giffable (new word - shush), ridiculous and accessible that it's impossible to escape its reach regardless of where you try to hide on YouTube. We uncovered some of these YouTube Bait games last week, but now it's time for something brand new.

If you're out of the loop, Just Cause 3 is just about the most amount of fun you're going to have before you start sipping champagne on Christmas morning. It's just you, 400 square miles of islands and an immeasurable amount of things read to blow up.

So continuing on from our handy YouTube reviews on Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty and Fallout 4, it's time to take a look into the opinionated videos of our YouTube gamers and see what they thought about Just cause 3.

As always, lets have a brief reminder of the launch trailer to see how Just Cause 3 was designed to be.

Yup, that's a gameplay trailer. Which means everything you've just witnessed can actually be done by yourself in game. None of it was simulated or staged, you can literally be that reckless. The sequel to one of the most destructive shooters of the last decade, Just Cause 3 needs to deliver the big guns to be able to impress these YouTubers the third time around. Let's find out how it did.


FIRST REVIEW: OfficialNerdCubed (a.k.a ‘The Hyperbolic One’)

Wait, what was that right at the beginning? Let us transcribe that for anyone who was unable to hear what was shouted at the beginning; 'BEST. GAME. EVER'. Nerd3 even goes so far as to say he's found his 'video gaming soulmate' - which is pretty darn high praise to us!

ONC goes on to point out glitcheswith the pre-release copy he's playing. Aside from that, his voice is full of wonder and joy as he truly experiences what Just Cause has to offer in the way of player freedom.


SECOND REVIEW: Vikkstar123 (a.k.a ‘The Road Traffic Incident’)

Following on from his NME nomination this week, we decided to see what Vikk thought when it came to the newest Explosion Simulator 2015. 'Fun', 'easy' and 'good' seem to be the adjectives of choice here, which is hardly inspiring when it comes to reviewing a game, but it's Vikk's calm and friendly manner of Lets Playing that draws us into the game.

Best moment: getting run over by a car mid-sentence - TWICE! Vikk even sums up the appeal of sandbox gaming in general: 'when you give people this much freedom, terrible things are going to happen'. Positive or negative? That's your call.


THIRD REVIEW: JackSepticEye (a.k.a ‘The Pyromaniac’)

Jack is a very excitable man, but his reaction to Just Cause 3 is on another level entirely. He manages to do more of the gameplay missions and side quests as any of the other YouTubers, such as liberating cities, which therefore gives us a first hand look into the story potential that JC3 contains.

Screams of 'JUST EXPLOSIONS 3' had us in absolute pieces as Jack chuckles throughout the game. So y'know, if you need any more persuasion as to whether you need to buy Just Cause 3, look no further than Jackaboy!


FOUTH REVIEW: TheRadBrad (a.k.a ‘The Watcher’)

Another new YouTuber to our weekly gaming round-up, TheRadBrad is a lush soul who deservedly hit 5 million subscribers this year. What we love the most about his style of content is the way he just presents the game as it is; no cuts, no stupid shouting over the top, no YouTuber-isms. It's just the game. Exactly what we need here.

It's weirdly relaxing to just watch a game unfold on YouTube without an OTT character narrating over the top into their over-sized mic and fluorescent headphones. We watched RadBrad's video with such fresh eyes we were able to truly appreciate the game he was playing for what it was. When the mission eventually starts, all Brad is able to convey emotionally is 'holy sh*t' and 'it's glorious', so we're going to take this as one phenomenal review.


FIFTH REVIEW: PewDiePie (a.k.a ‘The Incompetent’)

We at Unicorns HQ love a troll, so why not include the Troll King of YouTube into our review! We totally love Felix for his editing skills, comedic timing and content creation, but nothing is funnier than watching him completely balls up a game. Like, balls it up way beyond belief. He dies so often and does so many unintentionally funny things that it paints such a wonderful picture of what Just Cause 3 can be.

Also, if at the time of writing I had seen this video earlier, I would have short-listed it as my Video of the Year based purely on the random Who Wants To Be A Millionaire segment in which Poods just flies straight into a mountain. Undeniably funny. We need this game.


POSITIVE: Fire has never been so fun. Destroying entire towns has never been so satisfying. Grappling civilians onto flying planes has given us the life we all needed so badly. Not of a drop of this game is anything other than sheer entertainment.

NEGATIVE: Depending on your console of choice, the frame rates and graphics can falter from time to time. But when you're watching 100,000,000 million objects explode simultaneously, this can be forgiven.

Final Score: Just Cause 3 is the open-world, explosion simulator we've all been waiting for. Every video above helped compose this aggregate review, and in every single one we saw people in various stages of uncontrollable laughter. IMHO, this is the only thing we need to know as we take out our bank cards and run straight to the store to buy Just Cause 3. The end.