We Thought These YouTubers Would Be HUGE In 2016; Were We Right?

20 December 2016, 15:11 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We didn't do too badly, actually...

Just in case you don't remember or weren't around back then, at the end of 2015 we rounded up nine YouTubers that we predicted huge things for in the next 12 months. Now those 12 months are up, it's time to go back in time and see if we thought correct... and honestly, we didn't do too bad!


So without any further adieu, when we originally thought these YouTubers were going to become stars in 2016... did we even get it close!?


Brendan Jordan

Subscriber Increase: 236,586 -> 266,400.

Brendan's had a crazy year of self discovery in 2016. After meeting Lady Gaga (who is arguably one of Brendan's favourite people on the whole planet) and briefly appearing in YouTube Rewind 2016, Jordan also came out as transgender! What an incredible year.


Bretman Rock

Subscriber Increase: 412,826 -> 1,150,670.

Bretman easily had the largest subscriber bump of all the creators we predicted last year, however he's the one who seems to have uploaded less videos! Instead Bretman has been viral on Twitter with his iconic rebellion against his school's policies regarding his ripped jeans. He's also released his own line of clothing and accessories.


Alexis G Zall

Subscriber Increase: 830,460 -> 1,121,867.

Alexis is another person who's YouTube channel helped her achieve incredible things in 2016. In addition to coming out as gay on her 18th birthday, she's also appeared in an episode of Modern Family, had a role in Caspar Lee and KSI's movie Laid In America... oh yeah and she had her own YouTube Red show!!!


Franchesca Ramsey

Subscriber Increase: 216,425 -> 240,699.

Franchesca rounded off the year with a bang after being named one of YouTube's Creators For Change ambassadors alongside the likes of John Green, Natalie Tran and Humza Arshad. She also did her first comedy gig on Comedy Central and she basically slayed the game.


Nathan Zed

Subscriber Increase: 353,887 -> 429,384.

What can we say about Nathan Zed now that we haven't already said 10 million times? He's easily one of our favourite creators on the site and in 2016 he not only trended on YouTube multiple times, but even appeared on the Vlogbrothers channel after Hank went and had a baby (not literally). He's done all of this in his free time in addition to mixing some of the best tracks on the Internet and attending college - what a man.


Savannah Brown

Subscriber Increase: 202,439 -> 421,813.

Savannah's had a year of personal achievements with the continuation of her aesthetically pleasing relationship with Bertie Gilbert and the release of her very first poetry book, Graffiti. She also had the pleasure of appearing on The Gadget Show with us, so y'know, that's pretty cool as well.


Jenn Im

Subscriber Increase: 1,561,193 -> 1,774,551.

Jenn Im maintained her high level of success with her beauty and fashion channel, and even pushed her brand further by launching her own jewelry collection! The lucky lady was also able to go on trips to the Hamptons and Korea, so colour us jealous.


Heather Rooney

Subscriber Increase: 931,646 -> 1,120,405.

Heather is still leaving us in complete and utter awe with her collection of photo-realistic colour pencil drawings. If you can watch the video below of her drawing Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger without a single thought crossing your mind that it might be fake then you're lying to yourself. This talent is unbelievable and we're so glad to see that Heather continued to draw throughout 2016.


Nikki Blackketter

Subscriber Increase: 292,875 -> 507,896.

Nikki not only doubled her subscriber count in a year, but she split from her boyfriend, got a tattoo and made an appearance at BodyPower UK this year. This body goddess continued to upload videos about bettering our bodies and we can't thank her enough for giving us the motivation to get off YouTube once or twice a week to go work out!