Twitch: The Ultimate List Of YouTubers On The Live Streaming Site

23 January 2018, 12:01 | Updated: 24 January 2018, 09:34

YouTubers on Twitch
Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Here's all the usernames you'll ever need

Here's an insider tip - keep your eyes on Twitch. As YouTube consistently frustates creators in the way it deals with scandals and demonetises harmless videos, many YouTubers are already seeking a new online home. Twitch could very well be that home.

Twitch has already signed deal with some huge YouTubers for them to make exclusive content on the platform and they've also introduced a whole host of new features which seemed to be aimed directly at taking on YouTubers.

1. Ali-A: AliA

Ali-A twitch
Picture: YouTube

2. Ashens: Ashens

Ashens twitch
Picture: YouTube

3. Athene: AtheneLIVE

4. Boogie2988: Boogie2988

5. CaptainSparklez: CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez Twitch
Picture: YouTube

6. CinnamonToastKen: CinnamonToastKen

7. Cryaotic: Cryaotic

8. Daz Black: Daz_Black

9. Dodger: DexBonus

10. Harley Morenstein: HarleyPlays

Harley Morenstein twitch
Picture: YouTube

11. iBallisticSquid: iBallisticSquid

12. iJustine: iJustine

13. JackSepticEye: JackSepticEye

JackSepticEye twitch
Picture: YouTube

14. Jelly: JellyYT

15. Jessica Nigri: JessicaNigri

16. Julien Solomita/Jenna Marbles: JennaAndJulien

17. KickThePJ: KickThePJGames

KickThePJ twitch
Picture: YouTube

18. KwebbelKop: KwebbelKop

19. LDShadowLady: LDShadowLady

20. Markiplier: Markiplier

Markiplier twitch
Picture: YouTube

21. MiniLaddd: MiniLaddd

22. Nadeshot: NadeShot

23. PewDiePie: PewDiePie

PewDiePie twitch
PewDiePie twitch. Picture: YouTube

24. ProSyndicate: Syndicate

25. SkyDoesMinecraft: SkyDoesMinecraft

26. Slogoman: Slogoman

27. SSSniperWolf: SSSWolf

28. StampyCat: StampyLongHead

29. SuprMaryFace: SuprMaryFace

30. Swifty: Swifty

31. TotalBiscuit: TotalBiscuit

32. VikkStar123: Vikkstar123

33. YogsCast: YogsCast