Have Zalfie Learned ANYTHING Since Their Security Scandal?

6 April 2016, 16:11 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

zalfie security problem

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Here's how they've coped since having their address leaked.

When Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes spoke out last year about fans turning up at their home, people went crazy. Who were these people invading their privacy? Why on earth would parents drive their children to the address? And how were they finding the address? After a Brighton newspaper reported on the issue, they then subsequently also published the pairs address causing an even bigger privacy issue.

At the time, we discussed how Alfie himself had made the situation worse by RTing the newspaper article thus opening up millions more to the information at the click of a button. We also discussed what Zoe and Alfie should have done... And we can officially reveal that they've acted on exactly none of our suggestions.

Zalfie house

Over four months on from the initial drama, here's what Zoe and Alfie have done to deal with their security problem and the effect it's had on their lives.

They Didn't Move House

Once their Brighton address had been revealed, it seemed to be a natural choice that Zoe and Alfie would want to move house. But the pair have so far made the decision not to. Why? Well, why should they? When they bought their home, it was no doubt their perfect pad (hence why they chose to pay a rumoured Ł1 million) so it goes without saying that they wouldn't want to leave but a lot of people expected it and it seemed like a logical decision.

When and if Zoe and Alfie intend on buying a new place, security and safety will be key and the couple will do everything in their power not to have their address made public.


They Stayed Silent

One initial suggestion we had here at We The Unicorns HQ would have been to make a direct, serious video asking fans to stop coming to their home. In 2014, Zoe spoke out on Twitter because fans were turning up and ringing the doorbell of her penthouse apartment. Sadly, this didn't stop people and Zoe and Alfie's new home became a key destination for eager fans who didn't understand the boundaries.

zalfie house

After their tweets, Zoe and Alfie didn't address the issue in videos or do any press interviews around the matter. And guess what? It's essentially blown over as a result. If fans are still turning up to the property, Zalfie aren't courting attention to it and are now hoping people are deterred from doing a little sight-seeing.

Ultimately, this was the best way to handle things.


They Didn't Blame Anyone

Zoe and Alfie could have easily named and shamed the fans who turned up to their home, they claimed they could easily see faces of people who were trying to look through their windows. Some would argue that putting up a picture of people outside their home would be the ultimate way to deter people because no fan ever intended to upset Zalfie, they just wanted a peek of their idols but overstepped the mark a little.

Zoe and Alfie never once pointed the blame and refused to intentionally make fans feel really bad for what they did, instead just making them aware of their upset and the seriousness of the situation. When the security scandal blew up, it would have been easy for the pair to respond to tweets lashing out at people and claim they weren't true fans if they came to the house.

But they didn't, they understood their audience are pretty young and impressionable and that one of the upsides and downsides of YouTube can be how accessible our favourite stars feel to us.


They Continued Like Normal

When thousands of people know your home address, know that you're millionaires and know that you're a celebrity, it poses serious fear that harm might strike. From having their home burgled to being stalked or (God forbid) even kidnapped, we wouldn't blame Zoe and Alfie if they wanted security guards with them 24/7, barbed wire all around their home and to never leave the house without a disguise but instead they carried on, refusing to move home as we mentioned above and not letting fear get to them. We've recently seen Zoe out and about in Brighton with friends and enjoying her relatively small town.

Zalfie house

Even when Zoe Snapchatted about photographers hanging out outside her home and following her to her meeting, she took it on the chin and refused to let her new found fame change the way she lived her life.

Honestly, we commend her bravery!


Zoe and Alfie handled a very new problem for today's new era of celebrities and have set the bar high for how to deal with problems that arise whilst still keeping your fans on your side. Well done, Zalfie!