Here's EVERYTHING We Think Zoella Will Get Up To In 2016

15 January 2016, 17:26 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

A movie deal? A new addition? We make our predictions.

A few days ago Zoe Sugg tweeted her excitement at the coming year and all the awesome stuff she has planned in 2016... Although she was quick to outline exactly what would not be happening!


This got us thinking- what could 2016 hold for Zoe, both personally and professionally? After two books, a couple of beauty ranges and an actual waxwork, it seems the YouTuber has already taken over our lives... And indeed the entire world. But, as always with Zoe, she's got a few tricks up her sleeve. Here's what we're putting our bets on.

Zoe Sugg

Girl Online: The Movie

Last year reports from the publishing world surfaced that movie big-wigs were dying to buy the rights to Girl Online and turn it into a movie or TV series... And we reckon 2016 will see at least a trailer released. The film and TV industry are always keen to get the attention of teenage viewers who have migrated mainly towards to YouTube.

If Girl Online were to be made into a film, it would propel Zoe even further into the mainstream and make sure she left a legacy for life. It would also make her even more cash with the merchandise, ticket sales and subsequent DVD helping this. If we had to place our bets on any big announcement this year, this would be it.

Zoella gif

But the question is- who would play Penny and Noah?


A New House

We already discussed the big security problem that Zoe and Alfie face so a new home wouldn't be especially surprising. But with more success and more money comes the opportunity for the pair to move house- or even buy a second home. In recent months we've seen Zoella's BFF Gabriella Lindley move from Brighton to London and Jim and Tanya also buy a swanky pad in London town, could it be time for the pair to head to the capital?

Zoe Alfie

We also wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of formal announcement regarding the security problems. Fans turning up at Zoe and Alfie's house not only scares and upsets them but is also infringing on privacy and property. Whether it's a video from the pair or even a formal statement from the police, if people don't stop turning up to their home address then it's only right they take more serious action.


A Clothing Line

We're kind of surprised we haven't seen more lifestyle and beauty gurus in the UK take to having their own clothing line with a major retailer and Zoella would obviously be a perfect choice for a number of brands. In the US, Bethany Mota has released several best selling collections which are snapped up both by dedicated fans and fashionistas who have never heard of her!

Zoe Sugg

So, who would Zoe team up with? With an audience mainly around the 13-17 mark, pairing with a younger brand like Forever21 or even Primark like Gabriella Lindley did for her home wear range would produce a sure fire sell out and leave a bunch of people both very happy and very well dressed.

But if Zoe wanted to create something a little cooler, a collab with Topshop or Urban Outfitters could totally work! Topshop are known for using famous faces for their advertising campaigns and Zoe would sit alongside the likes of Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Cara who are all dedicated to the brand.


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Yet More Zoella Beauty

Which isn't a bad thing, of course. After the first launch of the original range came the Tutti Fruti collection and we think Zoe will go bold and brave with a new collection for 2016. Having already added two new make-up bags to the range already in 2016, could make-up products be on the cards? Or will she follow in the footsteps of Ruth Crilly by producing haircare? Either way, it'll be snapped up in its thousands and cause Superdrug staff a whole lot of stress as they struggle to restock the shelves!

Zoella Beauty

Zoe has already tweeted about exciting planning meetings with the Zoella Beauty team so it seems we won't have long to wait before we fruits of her labour. The tweet featured a pretty picture of the seaside so we're guessing we'll see beachy packaging and maybe a fresh summer scent.



A New Addition

And no, we don't mean babies. How cute would it be if Nala got a little puppy pal? Or maybe Pippin and Percy will get a new friend? Zoe and Alfie seem to adore doting over their pets and despite having busy schedules, the clan seem to fit into their lives perfectly. So, will they be like PewDiePie and have three pugs? Or maybe they'll take inspiration from Louise and Gabby and get a cat? Without a shadow of a doubt, the pet would become instantly more famous than we'll ever be... Which is weird.

Pippin and Percy


Her Own Radio Show

Everyone from Dan and Phil to Sprinkle of Glitter and Jim Chapman have taken the chance to present on Radio 1 and OMG how perfect would Zoe be at doing a phone-in show?

Despite grappling with anxiety, Zoe would seriously suit working on a radio show (perhaps even something pre-recorded to filter out screaming fans). As well as chatting through all the fun stuff she's up to, Zoe could answer listener's problems and give them advice, securing her role as the Internet's fave big sister.


She Quits YouTube

OK, we're fairly sure this won't happen but - in all honesty - it wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world. Zoella as an icon exists both with and without her YouTube channel now. Whilst she rose to fame thanks to her beauty hauls and collabs with best chummy Louise, Zoe has her finger in every single pie going and has become an entrepreneur and celebrity of her own accord.


On her main channel, Zoe uploads once per week but, even if she missed a few weeks, her video views and subscriber numbers would still continue to rise and rise. With years of older content to watch, new subs wouldn't be short of content to watch and it would allow Zoe a break to either focus on other business ventures or take some time out for herself.


What would you like to see Zoe get up to this year? Let us know in the comments below.