Zoe and Alfie Now Have A MAJOR Security Issue

8 January 2016, 17:20 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

zalfie security problem

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

After fans turned up at their home, here's what we think Zalfie should do next.

It's been pretty quiet on the Zalfie front over the last week or so after the couple hit out at fans for turning up at their house. After their tweets, international media and long time fans alike had strong opinions on the pair and their plead for privacy- we even wrote about it ourselves.


But what should Zoe and boyfriend Alfie Deyes do next? We have to admit - as supportive as we are of Alfie - it was extremely naive of him to RT the article which featured his address. Whilst the Brighton Argus were wrong to publish it, Alfie then RTing it to his 3 million followers only caused more eyes to see the street address.

Zoe Sugg house

So now it seems the entire world know where the pair live, it's kind of only expected that more fans will turn up. Of course, Zoe and Alfie utterly deserve privacy and peace in their own home but previous attempts to discourage fans from dropping by haven't worked.

Zoe has previously tweeted about people ringing the doorbell to her seafront flat and later accidentally uploaded a vlog which contained a shot of an envelope with her address on.


Zoella flat

Clearly this didn't stop people because Zoe and Alfie had to speak out again in March and April 2015 about the same issue happening in their new love nest.





So, what should they do next? We've come up with some options. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

PR Training

As much as we like to think of Zoe and Alfie as our digital BFFs, they're actually MAJOR celebrities. Whilst the pair tend not to hit red carpets and events like Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman do, they're still subject to making headlines on an almost daily basis.

Zoe Sugg in Glamour

Back in the 00s when reality stars were at their absolute peak, they were trained to the max in PR so they could handle any and every situation. Whilst Zoe and Alfie do have the support of their management, Gleam, it seems the couple could do with a little more training. Through no fault of Gleam, Zoe and Alfie are now two of the biggest stars with millions of teenage fans and- thanks to social media- it can be easy to push away and shun fans with just a few easy Tweets.

At the end of December, Zoe and Alfie got into a bit of a Twitter tiff with a follower who criticised their tweets about fans turning up to their house.

In our opinion, Amy made an interesting point but Zoe and Alfie's reaction meant that the young fan ended up receiving a ton of hate messages through social media and even claimed to have a panic attack as a result. Surely Zoe and Alfie know their power and realise their fans would have turned on Amy after they replied to her? Either way, we think having more understanding of public relations would help the pair. Despite the fact they've made their entire living out of the Internet, social media and everything else becomes a genuinely different place once you're a famous celebrity. And whether Zoe and Alfie believe they're celebrities or not, the fact is that they are. Which brings us onto our next point...


Accept that fame brings good and bad points

Urgh, we kind of feel sucky writing this because every single person in the world deserves to feel safe in their own home. But the likes of you and I, because we're not famous, don't have to deal with people ringing our doorbell and driving past our home to get a glimpse of us. But, as rubbish as it is, it comes with the cost of fame.

Zalfie gif

Dealing with the ups and downs of celeb life is part of the journey, even if the pair didn't set out to become worldwide stars. Ever since the concept of celebrities began, the famous crowd have had to accept that whilst amazing things like luxury and money are at their disposal, there's also major downsides which include obsessed fans and a slight lack of privacy. Just like people flock to the hotels where boybands are staying or the Hollywood homes tours, people turning up to try and get a peek of Zoe isn't really any different. As rubbish as it is.

And so recent events have surely made Alfie and Zoe less naive to their impact and how they will no doubt have to deal with the downsides of fame for at least another few years whilst they reign supreme.


Get better security

Let's be real, Zoe and Alfie are worth millions. And it's clear their current home doesn't have enough security.

If Zoe and Alfie want to continue living in their Brighton home without fans disturbing them, we'd suggest they install a whole heap of security- cameras, a huge fence, even a full time security guard or two. Sure, it's not ideal but the presence of the aforementioned security features should easily deter fans from flocking to their home and make them realise that invading people's space is absolutely not on. Alfie should be able to go in his garden without kids and mums peeking in, Zoe should be able to not worry about who might see her walking around in just a towel. And if a couple of thousand pounds on gadgets and guards is going to do it then so be it.



To be honest, we think this might be on the cards because their address is so easily available on the Internet that surely they don't feel happy staying there? But keeping things on the down low with a potential new future home will be the key. Although Zoe and Alfie have previously never revealed their address (apart from Alfie's recent Twitter incident), they've made it fairly easy to find their address.

Zoella Brighton Flat

When it came to Zoe's flat, she often filmed by the beautiful windows which looked out onto the sea; local fans were quick to spot the exact location thanks to the building's unique architecture. As a result, social media and forums leaked the address after finding it on property listing sites and fans turned up at her door as a result.

Although they're not as famous as Zoe and Alfie, we're yet to hear of the Saccone Jolys facing similar issues and the couple daily vlog their lives. Gabriella Lindley, Tanya Burr and Fleur de Force all regularly film inside their homes but are perhaps more careful when it comes to revealing their location.

Tiny slips like Zoe uploading a vlog which had a shot of an envelope with her address on or vlogging from the garden and showing the outside of their home might seem small but have a big impact on potential stalking and unwanted visits from fans. So if the pair were to move to either a different part of Brighton or somewhere else in the UK, they'd have to set strict ground rules with one another about how and where they film inside their home. Perhaps they should start filming in studios and make more use of the Google Space in London? Or maybe they agree that when they daily vlog they only show tiny parts of their home? Zoe and Alfie haven't done a home tour for safety reasons but we've essentially seen all their home thanks to their vlogs.


Whatever Zoe and Alfie choose to do next, we hope they feel extremely safe and happy. Despite tweeting and telling fans to stop turning up at their home, it clearly hasn't worked as this is now the third time the pair have had to address the problem.

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How do you think this issue could be solved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.