The Zoella Merchandise You DIDN'T Know About

24 May 2016, 11:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Bye, money.

Zoella merchandise has recently had a new addition with Zoe's third beauty range, Sweet Inspirations. Zoe has also revealed that she has a further seven projects on the go including a mystery project with brother Joe Sugg. As well as her beauty offerings, Zoe has also released two novels and has featured in countless magazines and newspapers. If you're a super-fan of Zoe, chances are your shelves and bathroom have become adorned with Zoella merchandise... But did you know there's a bunch more out there you might not be aware of?

zoella merchandise

We've searched the internet high and low to make sure you're broke af whilst being the ultimate Zoella fan. Let us know in the comments below which item of Zoella merchandise you want the most!

Zoella Choker

Do you know what your sweet, precious neck is missing? Zoe Sugg. Thankfully, you can buy a Zoella choker for under Ł5 by clicking here.

zoella merchandise


Zoella Necklace

If chokers aren't your style, maybe this chic metal Zoella necklace is up your street?

Zoella merchandise


Zoella Notebook

We genuinely need a new notebook and this Zoella Girl Online one recently caught our eye. Click here to buy it and scribble down all your big vlog plans.

Zoella merchandise


Zoella Poster

We're getting a brand new office space soon so we've been looking at some prints and posters and stumbled upon this beauty from Etsy. We love!

Zoella merchandise


Zoella t-shirt

Your wardrobe is not complete if it doesn't have a Zoella t-shirt in it. If you're failing at that part right now, fix it with this bargain from eBay.

zoella merchandise


Zoella Bag

If you don't like showing your love for Zoella across your, er, chest, then maybe this drawstring bag is more your style?

Zoella merchandise


Zoella Candle

Finally, we couldn't fail to feature this amazing Zoella candle. The company claim it smells flowery and fruity to match Zoe's cute personality- grab yours from Etsy.

Zoella merchandise


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