There's Something Very Wrong With This Zoella Phone Case...

19 September 2016, 12:13 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

zoella phone case

By Hollie-Anne Brooks


If you know anything about us then, you'll know we're serious sleuths when it comes to YouTube merchandise. From finding some rather odd stuff on Etsy, to tracking down the prices and stockists of the Zoella Lifestyle range, you can always rely on us to make you really rather broke indeed. But there's a chance that this questionable "Zoella" phone case won't have you reaching for your credit card...

On one of our regular missions to find YouTube merch, we came across a rather lovely phone case that caught our eye, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Can you spot the problem in the screenshot below? You may have to look reaaaaaally hard.

Zoella Phone Case

That's right- the lovely lady on the phone case is not Zoella but the equally as gorgeous Katie Snooks. Now, don't get us wrong, we're huge fans of Snooksy but can you imagine if your nan ordered this phone case for you for Christmas, only for you to reveal it's not actually Zoe? Not only would it be mortifying, but totally hilarious!

We have to admit, we laughed a lot at this and it got us thinking about other awkward merchandise mistakes. Have you spotted any? Maybe another phone case with a YouTuber's name spelt wrong? Or a knock off tote bag? Let us know!