8 Months Later, And People Are STILL Dragging Zoella's Book Club

17 November 2016, 17:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

zoella book club dragged

By Fiona Ward

This is really getting old...

We're still super-excited that Zoë Sugg's latest book in the Girl Online series launched today - and her loyal subscribers are already going crazy for it! From national trends on Twitter, to all her friends sharing this beautiful custom-made copies of Girl Online: Going Solo, it looks like launch day went v. well for Zoella, right? Well you're wrong, because people are STILL trying to hate on her WHSmith Book club eight months down the line.

Sadly, Zoella came under fire again this week for her Book Club with WHSmith - as The Guardian included her in their 'Book Clubs Rebooted' piece with the usual cutting criticisms on her 'glittery' choices. Of course, her supporters were quick to jump to her defence, standing up for the important issues of abuse, PTSD, social anxiety and grief that are common throughout Zoë's Book Club picks.

Zoë even responded to the article herself, branding it 'ignorant' and 'embarrassing'. We're with you, Zoella!

Sheesh. We love how passionate Zoë is about books! And if her Girl Online successes are anything to go by, sooner or later the mainstream media will have to get on board too, right?! You would have thought eight months would have been long enough for them...