Steal Zoella's Style: The Accessories Edition

31 March 2016, 14:25 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

It's time to go shopping!

From Zoella's earrings to her handbags, watches, scarves and hats, we can't get enough of Zoe's wardrobe and would do anything to raid her accessories collection. So many of you have tweeted us asking where to get Zoella's earrings, her gloves and even her shoes so we've compiled a guide to help you buy identical or very similar pieces to Zoe. Consider her style utterly stolen!

If you're a regular to the site you'll know that we've covered Zoe Sugg's fashion choices previously, including how to find clothing almost identical to hers so you can look a million dollars even if you don't have Zoella's salary!

Zoella's Earrings

Read on for some major fashion inspiration.


Zoella's Earrings

Zoella's Earrings

Zoe has worn these red earrings quite a lot over the years, including at an event to celebrate her book launch. Playing into Zoe's sweet and kitsch style, these simple button earrings are a staple in any accessories collection and we've found a gorgeous pair on Etsy for just Ł6.


Zoella's Watch

Zoella's Earrings

We've found an exact match for Zoe's gorgeous rose gold watch. If you've got a birthday coming up, you might be in luck because Zoe's watch certainly can't be bought for pocket money. Coming in at around the Ł150 mark, Zoe's watch is from Michael Kors and you can get it right here.


Zoella's Sunglasses

Zoella's earrings

Living in sunny Brighton means Zoe is rarely without a gorgeous pair of shades and these pale pink ones look absolutely adorable. These Topshop ones aren't an exact match but they're an absolute bargain- you can thank us later. PS/ Can we just take a minute to appreciate Nala?


Zoella's Hat

Zoella Earrings

Zoe Sugg is absolutely a hat person- despite the fact she complains about having a pea head! This classic black floppy hat should be a staple in all wardrobes and looks great in any season; we've found a similar one from Dorothy Perkins- and it's in the sale!


Zoella's Necklace

Zoella earrings

Not the most flattering photo, we know, but look at how gorgeous this rose gold chunky chain necklace is. Zoe switches up her style between big statement necklaces and delicate pieces but, in this case, we think bigger is better. Love it? Pick one up from Etsy.


Zoella's Scarf

Zoella Fashion

It might be heating up in the UK as Spring sets in but we all need a tartan scarf. Zoe is often seen in hers as she wraps up for a walk on Brighton beach with Nala. Ignore the fact that this scarf says it's for men and enjoy the warmth and style.


Zoella's Handbag

Zoella handbag

Zoe's beloved Alexander Wang stud bag is gorgeous but it costs an absolute fortune (anyone got a spare Ł7oo) but luckily for you lot, we've found a bag that's very much inspired by the designer version and costs just Ł26!


which YouTuber's wardrobe would you love to raid? Let us know in the comments below.