This YouTuber Applied 100 Layers Of Liquid Lipstick And It's Gross AF

18 July 2016, 14:05 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

Introducing the 'lipstick mountain'...

Cerise Kelsey is the most recent YouTuber to introduce a beauty trend that sends the entire beauty vlogger community crazy. After being inspired by blogger Christine Rotenberg's "100+ layers of nail polish" video which generated the popular hashtag #polishmountain, 23-year-old Cerise Kelsey has taken the challenge one step further - by using liquid lipstick.

liquidThe New Zealand vlogger decided to try and apply 100 layers of liquid lipstick to her face after watching the '100+layers of nail polish' video, but wanted to be even more insane than that. Many challenges on YouTube don't focus heavily on makeup, so Cerise Kelsey wanted to introduce a new challenge that makeup fanatics, like herself, could take part in. It follows a similar basis to the #polishmountain; you need patience, time and A LOT of liquid lipstick.


Like anyone would be, Cerise shares that she was nervous about the challenge. The fact that a hundred layers of lipstick are being applied to your mouth would not only look weird but feel rather weird too. However, she's onto something good here. As time goes by and more and more colours are applied to her lips, the liquid lipstick soon starts to take a similar form to the polish mountain challenge. With cracking edges and peeling sides, Cerise's lips quickly start to create a lesser known attraction to the popular beauty product.


Thoughout the video, Cerise talks about how the building layers of liquid lipstick feel on her lips. At half time, and with 50 layers done, she says that "closing [her] mouth like normal is not an option right now" as the lipstick soon begins to become rock-like on her mouth. That doesn't sound TOO appealing! She even says herself that its "disgusting" as the lipstick starts to cover her teeth and get absolutely everywhere!


Towards the end of the video, Cerise finishes with a sigh of relief - we aren't surprised considering it took her hours to do and by the end could hardly speak. With close up shots of her lips at the end showing how thick, dry and cracked her lips have become, we can safely say we might leave this challenge up to the makeup experts out there. A hundred layers is a lot, but it definitely makes for an INSANE challenge that only the brave beauty lovers could manage.

Since Cerise Kelsey uploaded her video, tonnes of other beauty and makeup bloggers have jump on the idea with more and more taking on the challenge to see how their lips turn out after a hundred layers. LilyMelrose, Mayratouchofglam and Tasha Leelyn are some YouTubers who have recently endured the timely challenge, all ending up with a similar disgusting, yet fascinating outcome.

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