Akilah Hughes Returns To YouTube After Battling Both Lyme Disease AND Buzzfeed

3 August 2016, 11:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Akilah Hughes has had a helluva couple of months. Not only did she recently launch a one-woman campaign against Buzzfeed Video after allegations of plagiarism, but did so while actively battling and awaiting surgery for an aggressive case of Lyme Disease.

And finally, after a successful recovery, Akilah has posted her first video to YouTube in 2 months - a short summary and acknowledgement of everyone who has supported her during her time away from making videos.

"I'm happy to report that I am no longer testing positive for Lyme," reveals the comedian. "And my liver tumours got removed! And I feel the best I've felt in probably a decade."

Akilah also reveals that she and her video-making partner Tim are getting back to work on more of the videos and sketches we know and love, declaring they're going to "reclaim the year".

"I think 2016 started good, got really really shitty, now it's good again; so we're gonna end on a high note."

But despite the fact that she's getting back into videos, Akilah makes it clear that she isn't quite done with her battle against the team behind Buzzfeed's insanely popular video strand - as the allegations of plagiarism have been stacking up.

"If you're subscribed to them, maybe don't?" she quips in the video.

The latest development from Akilah's campaign includes an anonymous email - apparently from someone working at Buzzfeed - thanking her for calling them out and apologising for the condescending open letter she received from Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti.

Welcome back, Akilah!

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