This Major Newspaper Just Published Alex Bertie's Transition Photos Without Consent And It's Not OK

30 October 2017, 14:56 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 14:15

alex bertie transition pics in daily mail

By Josh Lee

Alex has accused the Daily Mail of using his photos to fuel an "anti-transgender" article.

YouTuber Alex Bertie was left "fuming" after the Daily Mail published photos of his transition alongside an anti-trans article without his consent.

On 29th October, the Daily Mail ran a story entitled "NHS pressured our kids to change sex." The story used quotes that described the increase in young people coming out as transgender as a "contagion," and accused YouTubers like Alex Bertie of making transitioning "cool." The article also said that "girls" were told where to obtain chest binders, despite the fact that the majority of young transgender people using binders are not girls.

Describing the use of his photos - which show him at two different points in his transition - as "disgraceful," Alex claimed that he had not given the Daily Mail consent to use the photos. He said that the use of his photos was feeding the paper's "hateful anti-trans agenda."


While Alex Bertie has documented his transition publicly, it's not okay for outlets to use sensitive photos in a different context without permission.

Even though Alex has used these photos on social media and in his book, where and how they are published should remain his decision.

And now here's some facts about transitioning in case you're confused:

  1. The majority of a young trans masculine person's transition - including changing names, pronouns and dress, as well as puberty suppressing hormone blockers - is completely reversible.
  2. While research in the area is still fairly new, there is indication that taking these reversible steps helps to alleviate psychological problems that are common among transgender youth, including depression and anxiety.
  3. Testosterone - the effects of which are partially reversible - can only be taking by young people aged 16 and over.
  4. In the UK, parents must consent to top surgery (removing breasts) if their child is under 18.

If you are questioning your gender identity or are transgender, your feelings are 100% valid - no matter how old you are.

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We reached out to Alex for comment but he was unavailable.