InfoWars' Alex Jones Is DM'ing PewDiePie And Everyone Is Terrified

19 July 2017, 12:07 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Alex Jones Pewdiepie

By Liam Dryden


An extreme right-wing news pundit has reached out to PewDiePie via Twitter DM; but nobody really knows what for. 'InfoWars' host Alex Jones, known on the internet for his erratic rants and conspiracy theories, publicly reached out to the gaming YouTuber; much to the delight, terror, and sheer confusion of their followers.

alex jones infowars pewdiepie

Recently a remixed video of Alex Jones' rants has been going viral.

The video, created by satire artists Super Deluxe, takes Jones' lengthy conspiracies about factories using baby parts and vampire goblins; and turns them into a soothing indie song that wouldn't sound out of place on a Bon Iver record. So prepare for a chill jam with some bonkers lyrics below.


Pewds posted an auto-generated tweet from YouTube, "liking" the video.

It's rare for anyone in the public sphere to keep their YouTube activity connected to their socials like this; but for Felix, it's probably an easy way for him to share the video without adding any commentary.


Then a contributor to InfoWars responded to Pewds' tweet.

Columnist Owen Shroyer suggested that Felix get in touch with the show, for a chance to chat with Jones about the video; suggesting they'd "break the internet" in doing so. Since Pewds didn't make the video and just liked it, the connection already feels weird.


Then Jones himself reached out.

Just two letters. So many potential meanings.

Does it mean "Check your DM?" "Please DM?" "Dungeon Master?" Nobody knows right now, but it seems as though the host is pretty keen to have a chat.


And the internet is flipping its collective lid.

At this stage it's genuinely anyone's guess about what the two creators would have to talk about. Jones has called for even more remixes of his rants following the Super Deluxe video; So it's plausible that he wants Felix to get on the hype train. But either way, Pewds followed Jones back on Twitter; so something is going down.

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