Alfie Deyes Accidentally Convinced The World Brighton Pier Was On Fire

18 November 2016, 13:07 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

alfie deyes brighton fire

By Charleyy Hodson

Things got pretty weird...

News can be picked up pretty quickly on social media, and before you know it stories can be spread viral. Yesterday, when a fake news source tweeted out a picture of Brighton Pier on fire, a couple of people obviously freaked out. But it wasn't until Alfie Deyes joined in, did millions of people suddenly get in a mass panic and assume the iconic seaside landmark was in ashes and rumble... when it wasn't.

The image, which was actually of the fire that ripped through Hove's West Pier nearly 10 years ago, was shared all over Twitter as a Facebook Live video. Some people fell for the hoax, including Mr Deyes, who tweeted out to his 3.7 million followers that "apparently Brighton Pier is on FIRE?!?!". Unfortunately, this tweet has now been deleted, because it didn't take long for him to realise it wasn't true.


The trend "Brighton Pier" rapidly made it into the Top 10 trending tags on Twitter last night, almost coming close to the #HitTheRoadUSA Red Carpet Premiere Alfie was currently attending! Thankfully though, as soon as Alfie noticed the story was fake, he let everyone know that "Brighton Pier's all good". Thank god for Alfie - he should the number one source for fire updates in England!

Panic and hysteria have calmed down a bit now since the shock of it being potentially on fire, however some fans are still discussing Alfie's outburst on Twitter as a means to "get attention" without knowing all the facts. At the end of the day, lets just be thankful that no fire was happening in Brighton last night, and we're likely to see far more Zoella and Alfie vlogs from the iconic location in the near future!

But what do YOU think - should Alfie have tweeted out something about the pier that was so dramatic in the first place, or was it social media's constant sharing of fake, un-fact checked news stories to blame last night? Let us know in the comments below.