Alfie Deyes Just Met The Actual Queen- Here's Everything You Need To Know

27 June 2016, 10:59 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

alfie deyes david beckham

By Lea Rice

Is Prince Harry Alfie's new BFF?

The day before we leave for our summer holiday, you'll find us making sure we've packed enough pants and running to the shops to replace the pair of sunglasses we just sat on. But not Alfie Deyes. Hours before he's due to board a plane to Greece with fellow vlogger girlfriend Zoe Suggs, Alfie drops into Buckingham Palace to hang with The Queen.

As you do.

In a bumper video of his day at Buckingham Palace, which begins with a tearful goodbye to Nala The Pug, Alfie vlogged every possible moment of the day (filming restrictions are very much a thing at the Palace). He joins the likes of David Beckham and Phillip Schofield to honour the achievements of exceptional young people from the Commonwealth countries aged 18-29.


Between phenomenal glimpses of Her Maj and Prince Harry, Alfie discusses the other inspiring young people invited to the palace that day. He even gets the footballer/model David Beckham to reveal that he hopes one day his kids - Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper and Cruz - can be commended the same way themselves.

Phillip Schofield was not at all surprised to see Alfie chillin' with the Royals, remarking to Alfie that "It's only right you should be found in Buckingham Palace". Perhaps he'll be invited back soon?  Despite being bowled over by his new celeb vlogging pals, it's clear Alfie's real highlight of the day was meeting the incredible Queen's Young Leaders themselves. Alfie caught Jessica for a quick vlog interview first, who operates Edmund Rice Justice in Africa, South Africa and Zimbabwe, to help communities trigger positive social change. One big deal for them are their positive role model workshops for young people, where Zoella and Pointless Blog are a weekly feature in the educational resources they show. Turns out the couple are an inspiration to those who have issues with self-confidence and feel victimised by the pressures put on them by mainstream celebrities and media. It also sounds like a South Africa trip is on the cards for Alfie, Joe Sugg and Casper Lee. Watch this space...     Alfie also met with inspirational young leaders from Young 1ove and also bc211, who missed her bus because Alfie kept her back for an interview. Oops.  There are two things we know for certain as a result of Alfie's day at Buckingham Palace:
      1. Alfie wants to wear suits more. We approve.
      2. Alfie is REALLY into homeware and interiors (his taste for gold leaf is now very clear). So much so, we're hoping that an Alfie Deyes home interiors channel is on the cards. We approve.