Alfie Deyes Explains Why “PointlessBlog” Has Taken A Back Seat

29 June 2017, 14:24 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:48

alfie deyes pointless blog

By Team Unicorns

Alfie Deyes has been keeping the PointlessBlog brand alive everywhere except his actual YouTube channel - so what's keeping him from uploading?

If you aren't massively invested in the wide YouTube reach of Alfie Deyes, then you might have missed a glaring absence. Because Alfie updates his vlogging channel daily, has an active merch line and is in the throes of planning HelloWorld Live; but his main channel, "PointlessBlog", hasn't been updated in 6 months.

alfie deyes pointlessblog

But today, Alfie has posted an update explaining his absence from the PointlessBlog channel.

In a new vlog, Alfie talks about his plans and ambitions for relaunching the channel; and what's been holding him up for so long. As it turns out, it partly involves the production level he wants to take his channel to.

"When I sit down to plan and think about how to relaunch the channel, I get stuck in this loop", explains Alfie. "I think of things I do want to do... and I tell myself that to do those things, I should buy new cameras."

Watch the video below.

It seems at first that the focus on production quality is Alfie's biggest stop-gap at the moment; as he does admit that he has equipment good enough to start uploading to PointlessBlog again. But he goes on to explain a little further; revealing that he's in the middle of a creative crisis that nearly every YouTuber faces at some point.

"I'm scared, I'm genuinely scared," he admits.

"I feel the weight on my shoulders from myself; not even from you guys, it's gone past that."

The pressure to make a worthwhile "comeback" feels like a universal thing for creators everywhere; that if your absence is longer than usual, then your return needs to be different, and amazing. And it seems as though not even Alfie is immune.

"I've got such a thing in my head; that when I start uploading again, I don't want them to be a certain way," he explains. "I'm scared if they start going back that way, then I'm gonna be annoyed that I started making them again."

But does he really need to?

It's perfectly normal for people in the creative/media industry to occasionally move on to new projects; especially ones that they know are something they feel more passionate about as they grow older. Alfie has been uploading to PointlessBlog for the better half of a decade before his break; and in the meantime has still seen a lot of growth and success in his other projects such as his merch and book series. So if he is capable of finding success in other areas, is it time for him to move on?

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