Is Alfie Deyes About To Propose To Zoella?

18 April 2016, 13:28 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We can't contain our excitement!

A Zalfie engagement could be looming and speculation is growing that Alfie Deyes might be about to get down on one knee and ask girlfriend Zoe Sugg to be his wife. The couple, who announced their relationship in August 2013, currently live together in their Brighton home with pug Nala and it seems they could be taking the next step after Alfie posted a rather cryptic tweet and fans inundated him with questions about a pending proposal of marriage.

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"I think today is the day it's going to happen", Alfie tweeted on the afternoon of Monday 18th April. As you'd expect, his @ mentions were instantly filled with people trying to guess what he meant. Whilst a lot of fans seem to think he's about to put a ring on it, others have also suggested Alfie may be getting a tattoo, using a drone, getting another pug dog or even whacking on a bunch of fake tan.

Zoe herself has made it clear she loves being close to her family and those of her friends, with brother Joe Sugg following in his sister's footsteps to YouTube success. And for those speculating that Zoe may well be pregnant, well, we can confirm she's categorically denied this in a recent tweet to a fan where she claimed people have said she's been pregnant for the past two years!

Despite this, we can see where fans are coming from- Zoe and Alfie seem to love hanging around with friend's children, especially Emilia and Eduardo Saccone Joly. After announcing she's two months pregnant with her third child, Anna and Jonathan Saccone Joly were joined by Zoe and Alfie to celebrate Eduardo's second birthday. And let's not forget that Zoe is essentially an aunt to Louise Pentland's daughter Darcy.

So, what do you lot think Alfie's tweet is about? Vote in our poll below. Our bet is on a tattoo- but we could be wrong...