Alfie Deyes Is Planning A Third Book... And Wants YOU To Write It

10 February 2017, 14:31 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46

alfie deyes third book

By Charleyy Hodson

Is there anything you want to see in there?

Good news for all Alfie Deyes fans - a third book is on the horizon, and there's a way to get your creativity involved! In a recent vlog, Alfie revealed that he has started to think about writing and releasing a new book in his Pointless Book series because "everything good comes in threes"; but this time around, Zalfie fans may be able to help him write the whole thing.

Before he shares any news about the book, Alfie talks very honestly about his hesitancy to actually make another book: "I've thought about this idea before and I've thought how fun it would be to do it, but I'll never do something with my YouTube that doesn't excite you guys". However, after the Christmas period saw a huge surge in demands (and sales) for his previous books and future content, Alfie is ready to pick up the pen and get cracking on his third book.

Here's the basic premise of Pointless Book 3, in Alfie's words: "Instead of it being a typical YouTuber book where I tell you about the book right at the end when I've finished writing it, finished with the whole process, designing it and everything, this time I want you guys to be fully on board with it the whole time. I want you to be in the meetings when I'm designing it. I want you to be in the meeting where I'm writing pages". Sounds exciting right?!

So, from the sounds of it, Zalfie fans will be able to submit their own ideas and designs for pages in Alfie's new book, and if they're featured you'll be credited alongside Mr Deyes himself. There's no release date or time frame on the book just yet, but Alfie has teased that he's got 42 page ideas so far, with a lot of references to "popular pages" in previous books.

The response on Twitter has been huge, with fans already sending in love and advice for Alfie's third book.

third book

Alfie's publisher, Blink Publishing, have already released a statement saying, "Deyes has committed to a UK book tour with details to be announced at a later date." They also released the following information about the new book itself:

“Pointless Book 3 comprises brand new challenges, activities and interactive pages, a refreshed design and an app with ‘ground-breaking’ features and exclusive videos.”

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third book