Alfie Deyes Disables Comments After Fans Insinuate He's Cheating

20 June 2016, 16:44 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

alfie deyes cheating

By Ella Wells

Here's everything you need to know.

Daily vlogging must be difficult, having millions of people watching your life would definitely take it's toll, but for these YouTubers it has become the norm to have their fans question their every move. The latest in the saga of vlogging drama comes from the Daily Vlogging King himself, Alfie Deyes, and a certain new face in his vlogs.

The YouTuber, with over five million subscribers, makes up one half of the YouTube power couple, Zalfie -and they're not new to controversy. With Zoella's underwear causing a storm in the tabloids to their address being released by the press, they've had their fair share of attention; but now this drama comes in the form of their subscribers - and they're not happy.

You may have noticed that there has been a new face in Alfie's daily vlogs lately, and she happens to be the Australian mindfullness and wellbeing YouTuber, Rochelle Fox. The lovely, hilarious addition to Alfie's videos has been travelling alone and decided to pay a visit to the Zalfie household. For the few days that she stayed in Brighton, she appeared often in Alfie's videos, in his office and at his house, and his subscribers have voiced their concerns for their 'friendship' - so much so that Alfie actually had to disable the comments in his vlog titled 'WE FINALLY DID IT''.

Many fans were left confused as they could no longer see the comments on the video, but the Zalfie community filled them in on Twitter, insinuating that the comments swayed around the idea of Alfie leaving Zoe for Rochelle.

It wasn't long until Alfie took to Twitter to show his frustration at the minority of his fans, expressing that he can be friends with whoever he likes, and so can Zoe. The YouTube couple also voiced their opinions in Alfie's most recent vlog, titled 'THE LONGEST ZALFIE VIDEO EVER' where Zoe jokily said "I'm not allowed to be friends with boys either" and we assumed she was referring to her male BFF, Mark Ferris. She followed her statement with "not to be condescending, but I think it's the slightly younger ones who don't understand how different relationships and friendships are formed".

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