Could Alfie Deyes Be Appearing On Catfish?

18 May 2016, 16:15 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

alfie deyes catfish

By Ella Wells

Could this be a thing?

There have been a few things in the YouTube world this week that have made us stop and think. From the Zalfie security issue, to the news that a 20 year old man has been jailed for impersonating Zoella online, it has certainly made the point that sometimes, the Internet can be a dangerous place. Zalfie have never been shy of sharing their opinions on these fake accounts and the couple are now concerned for their young fans safety - but could Alfie be going one step further to stop these trolls?

On the evening of 17th May, the YouTube star uploaded one of his usual daily vlogs featuring guest appearances from two people that we never would have expected. In a strange turn of events, Alfie met up with Nev and Max from Catfish, who are usually based on the other side of the world. The MTV duo are best known for investigating weird (and sometimes dangerous) situations online and they have been in the UK filming this week. According to the video, Alfie has apparently been arranging to meet them for a very long time, even commuting from Brighton to London to meet the pair for dinner. To us, it looked like the whole Catfish crew joined the boys for a spot of food...and maybe a business meeting?

tyler and nev

We're maybe jumping the gun here but we know Nev is not unaware of the power these successful YouTubers can have. He has collaborated with Tyler Oakley in the past for a one-off episode of Catfish and, as you can imagine, things went crazy on Twitter. This recent meet up has had us thinking that we wouldn't be surprised if the popular TV show took Alfie on board for a one-off episode just like Tyler. Especially with the Internet safety issue he and Zoe have been facing with their fans - which sounds like one huge Catfish situation. Could we see a Catfish starring Alfie? Watch this space...

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