People think this beauty YouTuber faked being in an earthquake for views

8 July 2019, 15:46 | Updated: 8 July 2019, 15:50

Ali J
Ali J. Picture: YouTube: Ali J

By Rachel Finn

A YouTuber has gone viral after posting a video of a make-up tutorial apparently filmed during an earthquake - but is it all just one big prank?

A YouTuber called Ali J is coming under fire for apparently launching a two year plan to post a fake video of her giving a makeup tutorial during an earthquake in LA - or at least, that’s what some people online are claiming.

On 5th of July, Southern California was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The events, obviously, caused plenty of disruption to daily life with some residents reporting power and communications being cut off and water supplies being damaged.

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Later that day, Ali J uploaded a video allegedly showing herself doing a makeup tutorial while the earthquake hits, with her ‘simple red lip’ tutorial turning into a disaster with the force of the earthquake smudging the lipstick all over her face.

However, some viewers have been keen to point out that the whole video might be fake and part of a two-year long plan by the YouTuber to fake being in an earthquake, assumedly for the clicks.

So why do people think the video isn’t real?

Firstly, many commenters are claiming the earthquake lasted longer than Ali J’s video suggests - lasting up to a minute as opposed to the four or five seconds the video seems to suggest.

Secondly, the video claims that Ali was in Los Angeles when the video was filmed, which is around 150 miles away from the earthquake’s epicentre in Ridgecrest, CA, meaning it’s likely the earthquake felt there wouldn’t be quite as intense as the video depicts.

And thirdly… well, have you seen the video? The movements of Ali’s body in reaction to the earthquake don’t seem to actually match the movements of the ‘earthquake’ itself. And some people think that her shocked reaction to the room shaking around her looks staged.

YouTube. Picture: YouTube: Ali J
YouTube. Picture: YouTube: Ali J
YouTube. Picture: YouTube: Ali J

Ali J started posting make-up tutorials in November 2016 and has posted a total of five videos since, all filmed from the same spot in the same room and going over how to do pretty simple things like put on eyeliner or curl your hair.

But viewers were quick to notice that the room looks suspiciously similar to the same room layout of an earthquake simulator featured in a Buzfeed video, where people experienced a simulated a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Earthquake Simulator
Earthquake Simulator. Picture: Imgur

They also added that, despite the videos apparently being filmed over a 2.5 year period, everything in the room looks suspiciously in the same place across all her videos and she doesn’t seem to look any different or appear any older in any of them.

This has lead some to believe she filmed all the videos in one go in the earthquake simulator, changing outfits for each one, and posted each one several months apart. This, all while waiting for a real earthquake to arrive so she could post the finale video of herself applying lipstick while in an earthquake, despite not actually being in one.

So, breaking this down: If the video is fake, this seems to mean she contacted the earthquake simulator company, asked if she could redecorate the room to make it seem like her own living room and filmed a series of make-up tutorials with the room not in ‘earthquake mode’, before filming a final video in a simulated earthquake. All to save it for the unfortunate day a real earthquake of a similar magnitude struck the Southern Californian area so she could capitalise on the destruction and potential death and/or injury of real earthquake victims in order to… get hundreds of thousands of people to watch her applying lipstick?!

Wild! But in a world where some YouTubers will seem to do anything for clicks, it’s probably not that unthinkable after all.