Someone Just Bid $99,999 For Amanda Cerny’s Used Face Mask

26 February 2018, 14:17

amanda cerny face mask
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Money well spent

A wise man once said "some people have too much goddamn money". That wise man is me, and I'm saying it right now, because people have been dropping 5-digit bids on Amanda Cerny's used face mask.

Amanda decided to jokingly post a glittery face mask she had worn to eBay for a very reasonable (but still overpriced) $3.

However, within a mere 60 minutes, that $3 has shot up to $70,000. Things only escalated from there, with the bidding climbing up and up until it had hit $99,999. Insanity.

Amanda posted on Instagram reminding people that you can't back out of eBay bids after you make them

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