Lele Pons Calls The Police On Amanda Cerny… Over An Instagram Post?!

15 September 2016, 14:50 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Things went from zero to 100 REAL quick.

Two of the Internet's biggest stars have just had one of the craziest public fallouts we've ever seen, and it all culminated in the police going to Amanda Cerny's house over an Instagram post Lele Pons was blurred out of. Now, this sounds totally absurd (and trust us, it is), but we'll try and explain the whole situation to you so there's at least some context.

It started earlier on in the year when Amana noticed that her most popular YouTube videos, Instagram pictures and Snapchats were all disappearing without her knowledge. After blaming the social networks for a while, Amanda went to a party in August with fellow Viner Lele Pons when she noticed Pons holding Amanda's phone, deleting things from Snapchat.

Since that night, Amanda has publicly called out Lele on practically all social media, including a gossip website called The Dirty where she published a post about their fight along with texts proving that Lele admitted to the whole thing.

She also uploaded the follow vlog explaining "why [she] dumped" Pons.

Since these videos have gone live, Lele has neither accepted or denied the accusations other than to talk about cyber bullying on Twitter. A couple of days later, Amanda shared an image on Instagram showing "who [her] real friends are" in which both King Bach and Lele Pons are photographed. The only difference is that Lele's face has been blurred out... and this is why the police were called.

Let's just run through this process slower, shall we?

Amanda posted the following photo on Instagram after their dispute, and you can clearly see that she has blurred out Pons' face.


When Lele saw the picture, she called the police who turned up to Amanada's house. Seriously. Apparently when Amanda had "explained the story", the Police officers "left laughing" and all was forgiven.

Multiple Viners have come out in support of Amanda and people are still waiting for any word from Pons about her actions. This is potentially one of the strangest news stories we've written, but when social media stars start calling the police out on each other things can get very serious, very quickly.

But what do you think - is Amanda taking things too far, or should Pons be held responsible for sabotaging her friends fame? Let us know in the comments below.