Anna Akana's New Show Is Out Of This World

19 February 2016, 11:11 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

BRB, downloading the GO90 app RN.

Don't think we're done with the YouTuber-turned-TV-star news articles for 2016 just yet. Announced only this morning, Anna Akana is finally getting her own series on the Verizon app GO90 based after her incredible Miss Earth pilot. It will landing this summer under it's new name, Miss 2059.

Already on Verizon's free app are fellow YouTube alumni Michelle Phan and Melanie Murphy, covering a range of topics from fashion to global perceptions of beauty - so what exactly will Anna's new show bring to the digital platform renowned for it's innovative coverage of "live events, prime-time TV, best-of-the-web and original series across comedy, music, gaming, lifestyle, sports, new and entertainment"?

Anna Akana

Miss 2059 is based off Anna's original short film which debuted on YouTube back in 2014. Written and directed by Anna herself and starring other YouTube talent such as Jack Ferry and Mitchell Davis, Miss Earth follows the character Victoria Young, a young lady who "is thrust into Galactic's depopulation pageant and forced to fight for the survival of our planet".

The pilot was applauded for it's originality and impressive use of makeup and costumes to achieve a cosmic and alien-themed vibe without relying on tired SFX and technology. We don't know as of yet how many episodes the season will have, or if it will have any more guest cameos throughout it's running, but we're excited enough just to know that Anna is able to expand her creativity onto a platform that can facilitate her vision.

We'll update this article when a premiere date is announced.