Anna Saccone-Joly Got Hacked - Here's Everything You Need To Know

12 August 2016, 14:15 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

When will this hacking war end?

What would a week in YouTube be without another one of our favourite Internet stars being hacked? We've already seen the likes of Zoella, Lilly Singh and Toby Turner all become victims this year, but yesterday it was the unfortunate turn of Anna Saccone-Joly, who had her Snapchat account taken under siege by another troll.

The hacking began just a few hours before the #MidsummerNightsGleam party yesterday (Thursday 12th August) and it wasn't long before the lifestyle vlogger realised that she was no longer in control of her account. Of course, Anna took to Twitter straight away to inform her subscribers and let them know that the hacker taking over was not her. As expected, her fans responded, warning each other not to follow any of the accounts he was sharing on her behalf.

However, for some of her younger followers it was already too late as they had decided to add the account the hacker was sharing, thinking that it was Anna. The Saccone-Joly community soon resolved the issue through the power of Twitter by spreading the word and simply deleting the account.

But if hacking into her Snapchat wasn't enough, the troll managed to find his way into the YouTuber's Instagram account to post a selfie and a request to follow him on Snapchat. Of course, the post has now been taken down from her Instagram and all of the trolls' posts to her Snapchat have been deleted. Luckily, the hacker hasn't seemed to have done any real damage - other than try get a few more followers of his own.

However, it seems as though this isn't the first time the hacker has targeted YouTubers. Kandee Johnson has also been a victim to his trolling and she took to Twitter to show Anna her support.

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