Anna Saccone-Joly Is Releasing Some Stunning New Jewellery

19 February 2016, 14:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Get your credit cards ready!

Back in November 2015, Anna Saccone-Joly announced her beautiful star sign themed necklace and her fans went crazy for it. Based on it's overwhelming success and cries for Anna to release more affordable jewellery, she has posted a brand new video yesterday with an exclusive look at her new pieces.

Anna starts the video by showing her appreciation for her fans and their loving reaction to her jewellery line by informing us that it was "going extremely well so far and [she] cannot thank you guys enough" for supporting her latest venture. And then Anna moves onto the stuff we've all been waiting to hear - she's releasing two beautiful new bracelets!

After listening to her fans and understanding that the necklace was slightly out of everybody's price range (because she wanted to use a high quantity and durable material for the jewellery), she's responding with two different bracelets with a cost that is far more suitable to her younger student audience.

They both come in different styles, so thankfully this means they aren't lower in price because one is a significantly less quantity than the other. However, as Anna warns, with Mother's Day coming soon there may be limited stock and availability, so if you want them as gifts you may need to hurry! Every purchase will be fulfilled, but as orders pile in there is a chance that not all of them will arrive in time to gift on the day. You can take a look at Anna's jewellery store here, but if you want more details on the products then we have the whole round-up below.


The charm bracelet.

Anna Saccone-Joly

This bracelet is Anna's favourite of the new jewellery collection. It's the slightly more expensive option she admits, but we can see why. It comes as a charm bracelet with a feature/signature star sign emblem much like her previous necklace. You can also purchase additional, smaller charms to decorate the bracelet to, in Anna's words, commemorate your loved ones. On her own personal bracelet she wears her own star sign emblem (Scorpio) plus smaller ones to represent Jonathan, Amelia and Eduardo. If you buy the mini-charms at the same time as the bracelet to complete the set, you will get 50% off each charm.

Silver = $79/Ł59

Gold/Rose gold = $94/Ł69

Individual charms = (silver) $24/Ł19, (gold/rose gold) $29/Ł24


The emblem necklace.

Anna Saccone-Joly

The second bracelet was designed for the more budget conscious shopper, but it still boasts the same high-quality jewellery standard we have come to expect from Anna Saccone-Joly. Much like her necklace, the bracelet has beautifully simplistic chains to enhance the statement star sign emblem. The clasps come in three different sizes (small, medium, large) to ensure that it's going to fit on every wrist size. The design is simple and eloquent, so it can be layered amongst all your existing bracelet favourites. This one does not feature additional charms.

Silver = $59/Ł44

Gold/Rose gold = $69/Ł54