"Did I Make A Huge Mistake?"- Anthony Padilla Reveals Fears About Leaving Smosh

29 June 2017, 10:38 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:48

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By Benedict Townsend

Anthony Padilla has revealed his trepidation about leaving Smosh in a personal new interview

Anthony Padilla has opened up feeling torn before making the decision to leave Smosh in a new interview with Buzzfeed.

Anthony revealed that he worried he was making a "huge mistake" before biting the bullet and leaving the YouTube comedy team that he both co-founded and starred in.

It all came down to creative freedom

Padilla told Buzzfeed News, “it wasn’t a single thing that lead me to be like, Oh now is the time … It was a lot of me not being able to be authentic to myself."

"I wasn’t able to have the content evolve with me anymore,” he added.

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It's easy to see where Anthony is coming from. Although Smosh is still loved worldwide, it has clearly dramatically evolved from what it once was. The channel that started as two friends making sketches around the house has now become a media behemoth, producing many videos a week and employing its own army of production crew behind the scenes.


Now he's focusing on a new direction

Now, Anthony says, his focus is on his solo channel and on carving his own path in the YouTube space. “Right now is the most important time [to] establish my voice and the tone of the channel.” The change in tone from Smosh is already apparent, with his leaving video being noticably more serious than most of the lighthearted Smosh output.

He also offered some insider advice for aspiring YouTubers

"You have to have a consistent schedule if you want to be a YouTuber at this point,” he said. Not only do his viewers expect a high volume of content, but, as Anthony points out, "the YouTube algorithm rewards more content" too. He goes on to add that “in order to stay at the forefront of everyone's YouTube homepage, you have to be making consistent stuff.” Something worth remembering, folks.


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Anthony says he's not worried that his income might take a hit from leaving the lucrative world of Smosh. He notes that "as much stress as I might get from losing money at the moment, I gain back exponentially because I feel so creatively liberated.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.