Antonio Garza opens up about feeling unmotivated after pressure from YouTube fans

31 July 2019, 15:40

Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza. Picture: Instagram: @antoniiogarza // YouTube: Antonio Garza

By Rachel Finn

Antonio spoke about feeling sad and unmotivated a new vlog.

Antonio Garza has shared a moving video where she shares her reasoning behind not posting much lately.

The YouTuber, who is mostly known for her make-up videos, only set up her channel in 2018, but her videos already get millions of views and she has over 3.4 million subscribers. But, like many YouTubers, she admits in her new video that she sometimes finds the pressure that comes with having such a huge following difficult.

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Antonio begins the video with a vlog of a recent holiday to Hawaii before things take a more serious turn, with Antonio admitting she sometimes feels overwhelmed and sad, trying to deal with both school and her YouTube career.

“It’s a lot of work, what I do. People probably hate when I say that, but it is a lot of work. My videos do take a long time to edit. The moral of the story is that I was overwhelmed last year starting YouTube. It’s an issue I’ve been dealing with for the past year. So when I did online school I thought, oh my god, I’m going to have so much time to post and it was going to be amazing but online school was so much work, I couldn’t do it,” she explains.

She also called out people who criticise her content for being “repetitive” but admits she sometimes struggles to come up with new ideas. “It’s the stress of people wanting me to up my content, I let it get to me in a sense where I’m like ‘no, I need to post and do something different’. I never have video ideas and I’m like, I don’t know what to do.”

Speaking about how she’s been feeling down lately, she added that she hopes by sharing her feelings in the video, she can work through her feelings. “I just feel sad recently, just sad, and it’s like, I shouldn’t be because I have this amazing channel that I love. Literally every video I put out I love, and that’s the most important thing.”

"It’s just hard to stay motivated and wanna work a lot when you’re sad, but that’s just how it’s been for me. It’s not like I fake happy on camera. I only film when I’m happy, so that’s the issue, that’s a rare occurrence, so that just leaves me to be overall unmotivated completely. And what am I going to do to fix it? I don’t know. But I hope that posting this video is going to help because maybe you all can comment ideas and stuff…”