WATCH: This Bad Lip Reading Of The Debate Will Make You Feel Better About The Whole Thing

11 October 2016, 17:22 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

bad lip reading

By Liam Dryden

Exhausted over the Presidential debates? Sounds like you need a Bad Lip Reading edit to make you feel better about this mess.

We're officially two Presidential debates down out of three; and everyone is so, so f*cking tired. Nothing Donald Trump says makes sense anymore; and it seems like there's a fresh new scandal every day to derail both his and Hillary Clinton's campaigns. It's getting harder to laugh - but the guys at Bad Lip Reading are sure as hell gonna make us.

bad lip reading

In a new video from this week, BLR tackle the first (and probably the least weird) debate. With some expert dubbing, they make Trump and Hillary have a noise-off, list their favourite things (Trump likes when baby birds go "cheep"), and plenty more - including a new weird thing for Trump regarding feet. Yikes.

Watch the hilarious Bad Lip Reading edit below.