There Are Officially 748 Single Men Who Look Exactly Like Dan Howell

30 June 2017, 14:46 | Updated: 15 November 2017, 15:05

Dan Howell Badoo

By Hollie-Anne Brooks


If you're single and looking for a plus-one for all those summer weddings or just a quick fling, you are absolutely in luck; because there's now a way to almost literally date the person of your dreams. OK, so it might be unlikely that you do get to date Joe Sugg or hook up with Gabriella Lindley; but dating app Badoo have devised a way to find singletons out there who look exactly like your YouTube faves. Bring on the swiping!

Badoo have created a facial recognition tool which allows you to search through their 350 million users to find people who look like your crush. According to the app, there are 342 people out there who look like Kylie Jenner; and a whopping 1405 people who look like Ed Sheeran.


So of course we had to use the service to upload pictures of YouTubers, and find single people out there who look exactly like them. You're welcome.

There are 709 Jackie Aina lookalikes out there...

badoo lookalikes

These guys apparently look like Phil Lester. There are 228 Phil lookalikes in total on Badoo.


196 lucky girls look like Zoe Sugg...


Or if Joe Sugg does it for you, Badoo have 713 apparent lookalikes.


366 ladies apparently look like the biggest female YouTuber in the world, Jenna Marbles.


688 cuties look like Mr Tyler Oakley.


421 stunning women all look like Gabriella Lindley and we're very jealous.


Want to date Emma Blackery? Why not try one of her 505 lookalikes.


Badoo have 537 handsome AF men who look like Daniel J Layton and this makes us very happy indeed.


Finally, there are officially 748 Dan Howell lookalikes who are single. You're welcome.


Have you ever dated someone who looked like a YouTuber? Or maybe you do? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us your photos at @WeTheUnicorns.

Click here to try the lookalike function yourself. Who know, maybe you'll be the next Mrs Howell-a-like!

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