A Show Taking The P*ss Outta YouTubers Is Coming VERY Soon

2 February 2017, 12:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

BRB, grabbing popcorn...

Oh boy, regardless of whether you love or loathe YouTubers, there is 100% a comedy show coming soon that you NEED to watch. Coming from the comedy brains of Liam Williams and BBC Three, 'Pls Like' is a six-part mockumentary series parodying the astronomical success of YouTube vloggers and their unconventional brand of content.

Liam Williams, who also plays the main character Vloggy McVlogFace, is portrayed as a struggling comedian trying to make a name for himself when he enters in a YouTube-based vlogging competition. With a grand prize of Ł10,000 on the horizon, he has to undergo a series of challenges to nab the money even though he's totally reluctant with his role as a vlogger. It's here we get to meet other established vloggers, and what a line up they look like...


Because we like to consider ourselves YouTube experts, we've made some well-informed guesses as to what kind of YouTuber each of the characters will portray:

  • ChloeSass: The fierce and feisty black comedienne. She's got "sass" in her know so you just KNOW she's gonna try to be funny. 
  • CharlieSouth: Basically, Joe Sugg. The British YouTube heartthrob who just hangs out with his bros doing challenge videos.
  • Bombzy: The prankster who also seems to get his videos trending before being exposed as fake. What's good Joey Salads?
  • Millipede: The beauty guru? The yoga coach? Who knows, this character looks like a mess. Is it supposed to be Zoella?!
  • Nozomi: DIY hacks and lifestyle tips because she lives in a penthouse suite in New York but totally just wants to be relatable.
  • JohnnyJackson: The gamer. Just look at that freaking cap. I bet he only plays Happy Wheels.
  • PollySprong: The peaceful, vegan activist that likes to call out Millipede for using eggs in her cake videos.
  • Liam Williams: This is the guy who wrote the series and will painfully try to make what he believes are YouTube videos even though he has barely watched them before filming began.

Alex Moody, the commissioning editor for BBC Comedy had this to say about the show: "We could not be more excited about launching Pls Like on BBC Three. Liam's brilliant smart satire about online fame has attracted a hugely talented cast. Together they lampoon a world that is fascinating, hilarious and awful in equal measure".


There's no trailer for the show yet, but we can announce that it's officially launching on the BBC Three YouTube channel on Saturday 11th of February. Will you be tuning in?