Scammer Pretends To Be YouTuber To Steal Clothes, Make Up And Art Work

9 September 2016, 09:17 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is so scary!

In the past, we've covered shocking stories on the site about YouTubers being stalked, hurt or even cyber bullied - but we never thought we'd see the day that a YouTuber literally had their entire identity stolen. In a shocking video recently uploaded to her channel, Becca Rose reveals the scary 12 month long story of how somebody in Middlesborough is "pretending to be me".

The identity theft in question has been impersonating Becca "just short of a year" by imitating her business email and adding an extra "s" - so it's practically impossible to spot. Using this devious trick, Becca's thief has stolen from "over 200 brands" and received a huge amount of free products including "clothes, jewellery, homeware, art work, make up and Ted Baker products".

However, Becca feels worse for all the Etsy shops that have been contacted for bespoke items that have then been sent "to the scammer for free".

Whilst the video is mostly aimed at her viewers as a "warning" just in case this situation should happen to them, Becca makes it very clear that her identity thief could be watching, so she wants them to know that she's not messing around; "I know exactly where they live, and even have their phone number... My next step is contacting your local police station, which is actually right around the corner from your house".

After 12 months of "damaging" her reputation, Becca just wants the thief to give up as the fraudulent behaviour is still taking place - in fact, the last incident happened two days before this video went live! If you're also concerned that someone else is using your identity against your will, then make sure you watch Becca's video and take her advice to ensure that the thief is caught before it's too late.

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