Bethany Leigh Speaks Out On The Pressures Of YouTube

25 July 2016, 16:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

Life can get seriously stressful.

We're a little worried about Bethany Leigh, and by proxy a bit concerned about the aspiring vloggers among you.

So many people think that being a YouTuber is an easy job. That all it takes to be famous is to upload the odd video of your breakfast and then bam, you've got a book deal and tons of cash. It's simply not true. Beth's latest video has given us an insight into the pressures that come with the job (and it is a job) - a heads up that future YouTubers would do well to heed.

Is this all starting to sound a bit too familiar? If so, we've gathered a few of our best tips to have a happy, balanced vlog life.

YouTubers do not fly by the seat of their pants

Mostly, your average mid-weight or heavy-weight vlogger does not just pick up a camera, hit record and fluke their way to fame. Videos need planning - and pretty thorough planning at that.

Each video needs to factor in a release date, a filming date, edit time, social media marketing... the list goes on and on. Very few videos get hits without a good structure and layers of marketing. It's a skill that needs honing.

You can't skip deadlines

Either your own or a sponsors'.

Lots of YouTubers get into the habit of releasing videos at the same time and day each week - good practice if you're trying to build a loyal audience. If you miss those deadlines, you let them down. And if you miss a partnership deadline with a sponsoring brand, your rep gets damaged and you might even lose out on your collaboration fee. That would be sad.

You have to be flexible

As Bethany mentions, sometimes brands will come back with requests for changes. They're busy people too, and sometimes coming back to you late in the day just can't be helped. But you're also expected to be flexible enough to cope with the demand (they're paying you after all).

It might mean you're slightly later to meet your mates one evening, or that you have to skip the odd gym class, but it comes with the territory.

Avoiding burnout

Feeling the pressure? Try these tips for avoiding burnout...

  • Take regular screen breaks. That may seem counter-intuitive when you've got tonnes to do, but it'll stop your brain flatlining. If you can avoid that, you'll be more productive in the long-run.
  • Eat wholesome food. Too much caffeine and junk will spike your sugar levels and let you crash. Slow burning munch FTW here.
  • Stay hydrated. Water does more to help your mind than we can even comprehend. Lush <3
  • Take some deep belly breaths. Breathing air deeply and slowly into and out of your tummy (rather than just your chest) can help keep stress and anxiety at bay when you're feeling the heat.

Henceforth and look after yourselves, vloggers of the future!