This YouTuber Got Paid $350k To Go To Hawaii And You'll Be Furious At What Happened Next

23 August 2017, 11:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 16:21

Bethany Mota

By Benedict Townsend

YouTuber Bethany Mota has found herself in the midst of legal drama in what has to be the least relatable story in human history

Bethany Mota is being sued by YouTube network Studio 71 for a whopping $325,000 for what is quite possibly the most infuriating breach of contract case ever.

Bethany was offered $325,000 to go to Hawaii (let that sink in) to promote a skincare product. But according to the lawsuit, she took the trip without actually making any of the video content they asked for.


Here's what Bethany was supposed to do

According to Hollywood Reporter, Bethany was offered a fee of $325,000 to produce a video that showed her applying the product while getting ready to spend a day in Kauai, Hawaii. Y'know, real hard graft stuff.

And here's what allegedly happened

Studio 71's attorney Bryan Freedman wrote in the lawsuit:  "Mota and her representatives did not provide the video and stubbornly refused to commit to a timetable for its production to Studio 71."

"Studio 71 was shocked to discover that the 'video' that Mota sent did not contain any of the agreed upon creative components. Instead, Mota's 'video' consisted of a 'shout out.' Mota informed Studio 71 that she was going to add this 'shout out' to another video, which had not been reviewed or approved by Studio 71, the advertising agency, or the advertiser."

Bethany Mota A photo Bethany took of her trip to Hawaii

The lawsuit states that Bethany provided a video that contained no Kaui footage, "which is why Mota had been flown to Kauai."

But Bethany Mota's lawyers are fighting the lawsuit

"Studio 71’s lawsuit is nothing short of a pre-emptive tactic to avoid payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars we believe are owed to Ms. Mota," Bethany's attorney told the Hollywood reporter. "We will seek early dismissal of this bogus complaint and... file substantial counterclaims to recover what is due.”

*grabs popcorn*

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