Beyonce Took Over YouTube To Celebrate Her 35th Birthday

6 September 2016, 15:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Hold Up, Beyonce just keeps on surprising us.

When it's my 35th birthday, I hope I'm able to release the music video for one of my hottest tracks onto YouTube and generate over 2 million video views in only 24 hours. But hey, we can't all be Beyonce - and that's exactly what she just did. With absolutely no warning whatsoever, the official video for Hold Up was dropped on YouTube, and shot to instant viral success.

The video, which had only previously been available to people who had purchased the entire Lemonade visual album, accompanies one of the most acclaimed songs off the album in which Beyonce is seen smashing up cars and generally wreaking havoc on a neighbourhood. Clearly, the standalone video was something the Beyhive wanted big time, because when the video went live it immediately appeared in the Trending tab on YouTube's homepage.


Having previously only released "Sorry" on YouTube and the whole album still being exclusively available on Tidal, fans were only able to hear about the iconic video via pirated videos or a frame-by-frame retelling from their Beyonce addicted friends. The free release of Hold Up was something the undeniably people needed because within 24 hours it gained over 2 million views, and almost 6 million just two days later.

This additional birthday present came just a short while after Beyonce walked away from 2016's MTV Video Music Awards with eight of the top prizes, including one for the Best Female Video which she won for (surprise surprise) Hold Up. With 2016 looking more and more like the Year of the Bey, we wondering if there is anything else in the world she can do to surprise us?!

So sit back and relax, because Beyonce is about to take you for a tour around her neighbourhood with her new best friend, Hot Sauce.