The BeyHive Thinks These Receipts Mean Beyoncé Shouldn't Be Getting Sued

9 February 2017, 17:18 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Some Beyoncé Stans aren't convinced by the lawsuit.

Beyoncé found herself in very hot water yesterday after the family of Messy Mya - a YouTuber who was murdered in 2010 - reportedly sued her for $20,000,000, for allegedly sampling content from some of his YouTube videos without permission in 'Formation'.

It's a serious accusation - and a serious amount of money. But a few members of the BeyHive have argued that Messy Mya's family already gave their blessing to the sample. And they've got the receipts.

As one fan pointed out, Messy Mya's Official Facebook page acknowledged that the late YouTuber was featured on 'Formation', and even thanked her.

In one post, they wrote "Thanks to Beyoncé for using Coo's voice in her new song "Formation". His name is buzzing around the world right now just like he's always wanted".

The lawsuit filed against Beyoncé pointed out that she hadn't asked before using the sample. But, if Mya's people already thanked her, is it a little too late to argue that they weren't asked first?

The lawsuit also asked that Messy Mya be credited for her contribution. 

But as one eagle-eyed worker Bey pointed out, the YouTuber was credited as part of the wider 'Lemonade' credits:

Others questions how Beyoncé would let something like this slip through the net.

After all, 'Lemonade' famously has a truckload of writing credits from various samples used throughout.

In the immortal words of Oprah Winfrey...