"Bikini Gamer" Gets 400k Subs A Month - Why Does Everyone Hate Her?

27 September 2016, 13:34 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Her story is truly wild.

If a brand new face has popped up in your recommended tab, or if you've seen a young, blonde woman with a very revealing t-shirt appear in lots of thumbnails, there's a very strong chance you may have already seen the "bikini gamer". Based on the way she acts and dresses in her live broadcasts, Zoie Burgher is quickly gaining subs on YouTube... thanks to be permanently banned from Twitch.

After receiving her FOURTH lifetime ban over on her Twitch channel, Zoie has taken to YouTube to express her anger that she is not being taken seriously as a gamer and entertainer because people are focusing too much on her clothing, or lack thereof. You can see her discussing her "reputation" in the video below, and how it's helped her gain massive amounts of subscribers in the last 30 days.

If you're not into watching people play video games on the internet for a living, let me give you a quick recap of what's going on. You see, on YouTube, people can record/edit/upload videos of themselves playing games and gain a bunch of subscribers. Over on Twitch, people can play video games LIVE for the whole world to see, but this comes with its own crazy set of broadcasting rules and limitations. Something which Zoie Burgher frequently pushed too far.

One of the main rules of Twitch insists that "nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behaviour and/or attire are not prohibited", and whilst Burgher is known for twerking in between her very successful matches of Call of Duty - she still feels she's not done anything controversial. In fact, her most recent ban happened more than three weeks after her very last stream, suggesting that Twitch are just trying to censor her channel without reason in the run up to Twitch Con.


[Source: Kotaku]

Regardless of whether she was banned on Twitch for "sexuality explicit or pornographic content", the fact of the matter is that Zoie has now moved to YouTube. Most of her uploads include highlight reels of her twerking, sat in a bikini or swearing her head off, and this has made it 100% easier for reaction channels to talk about her even more - which is kind of smart when you think about it. For this precise reason, she has gained nearly half a million subscribers in September 2016 alone.

The website Kotaku summed up this popularity spike in the best way; "While some accuse [Zoie] of weaponising her sex appeal for personal gain, the truth is more that other YouTubers are exploiting her looks for better thumbnails, and saucier news/reaction videos. Every time a YouTuber features Burgher, they increase her profile more and more. YouTube and social media are complaining about a behemoth that it created in the first place".

What do you think about Zoie Burgher and her choice in bikini attire - totally inappropriate or within her rights as an individual to police? Let us know in the comments below.