YouTube Is Serving "Black LIES Matter" Ads On Videos

19 April 2018, 11:30

"Black Lies Matter" has been appearing in adverts on YouTube videos
"Black Lies Matter" has been appearing in adverts on YouTube videos. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

The slogan appears to reference racial justice movement Black Lives Matter

Adverts from conservative media organisation PragerU featuring the slogan "Black Lies Matter" are being served to YouTube viewers.

On April 17, a YouTube user shared screenshots of the advert, which appears to use footage from a video on their channel titled "Cops are the good guys." Screenshots from the ad show the slogan "Black Lies Matter" - a reference to the anti-police brutality organisation and wider racial justice movement "Black Lives Matter" - as well as an illustration that depicts a confrontation between police and an unarmed man that resembles Eric Garner, a black man from New York who was choked to death by police in 2014.

The video from which the advert is taken claims that police brutality against black people is a "falsehood," despite unarmed, black Americans being more likely to be killed by police, even when not attacking.

We have reached out to YouTube for comment.