Zoella Called Out For Encouraging People To Vote And This Makes Zero Sense

20 April 2017, 10:23 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Seriously, can people not do right for doing wrong?!

It seems as if YouTubers can't do right for doing wrong and the case of Zoe Sugg talking about politics is another prime example. Blogger and author Laura Jane Williams recently started a campaign called Bloggers Who Vote, a hashtag intended to help spread the word about registering to vote in the upcoming British general election. The campaign has seen hundreds of bloggers, vloggers and social influencers take part and share links to the government website where citizens can register to vote.

Not only has an amazing debate and discussion about politics opened up as a result but the influence of the bloggers and vloggers taking part will no doubt have a huge impact on the hard to reach 18-24 year old voters.

However, it appears as if some people aren't fans of the campaign and Zoe Sugg's message.

In an article on the subject by journalist Amelia Tait, she explained exactly how and why Zoe's influence is key in getting young people interested in politics. Politics is often seen as stuffy and boring, so the fact that the likes of Laura Jane Williams and Zoe Sugg are using their platforms to make politics appealing is something to be absolutely commended. But no sooner was Amelia Tait's article published, than Zoe Sugg and fellow influencers were being torn down - and we're failing to understand why.

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Tweeting about the Bloggers Who Vote hashtag, journalist, broadcaster and producer Nick Stylianou claimed "both journalism and activism are dead" and seemingly dismissed the fact 18-24 year old females are the least likely to vote so need all the encouragment they can get.

As you can imagine, Nick's comments didn't go down well with the online community who fought back in their droves to praise the Bloggers Who Vote campaign:


Despite this, the general feeling towards influencers using their platforms to spread the word about politics has been positive. We discussed in the run up to the US election how vital it was social media stars really used their influence to educate and encourage people to vote and we're thrilled to see UK creators taking on the challenge.


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