Boogie2988 Just Weighed In On The PewDiePie & JonTron Drama

16 March 2017, 15:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

His video is a must watch.

The dust has barely settled after JonTron's scandalous remarks this week regarding race and immigration, but now Boogie2988 has weighed in on the subject of controversial YouTube gamers. In particular, Boogie feels that certain YouTubers have been treated unfairly by a biased gaming media trying to forward their own narrative about creators.

Covering a range of topics such as PewDiePie being an anti-semite, JonTron being a racist and Colin Moriarty (content creator for Kinda Funny) being a sexist, Boogie believes that "they have every right to think for themselves and try to feel it out". Whilst he admits that he doesn't "agree with their opinions", he makes it clear that they should still be allowed a platform to speak regardless of their opinions.

You can see Boogie2988's video right here:

It's very important here, just as it was for Boogie in the video, to state that they he felt all the comments were "tasteless". However, he then begs viewers and the people behind the gaming media "establishment" to watch the conversations of these creators with a touch more empathy.

Boogie2988 then follows this by saying: "People are going to have opinions and ideas that they don't enjoy. And you have to treat that with a certain level of tolerance and understanding, because if you approach it with tolerance and understanding you might very well be able to convince that person of otherwise".

Unfortunately for Steven, since the video was released, he's received a lot of backlash.

In addition to being labeled as a "white cis man protecting white cis men", he has been accused of being nice to the gaming community whereas he would treat other creators such as Sam Pepper very differently. Steven also thanks the "small percentage of the internet for [their] unkind and downright cruel response" as well as "the vast majority of [his viewers that] did agree or disagree civilly".

We'll keep you updated if Boogie2988 releases anymore opinions on the matter, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.