Watch The Moment This Vlogger Shaved Her Head To Make An Important Point

24 April 2017, 13:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Such an inspiration!

YouTuber and Instagram star Breeny Lee is bravely stepping out bare (well, her face anyway); and challenging fellow digital influencers everywhere to break the mould and stop caring about the likes.

On her channel, Breeny often discusses issues relating to self confidence and body image; but has gone one step further with her #SoulSurgery series - something we can all learn from.


In a video uploaded at the start of April, Breeny discusses how in the last year or so she's been feeling "really really ugly"; the YouTuber then goes on to say how her insecurities were eating away at her self esteem and crushing her soul. As a result, Breeny has taken to YouTube to share her inspirational message with her audience that she "doesn't exist to be beautiful, [I am] more than that".

The video finishes with Breeny shaving her head and talking to her audience about how important it is to feel healthy on the inside.

The follow up to the first video sees another emotional upload where Breeny goes an entire week without a drop of makeup. As simple as it sounds, the task leaves the YouTuber feeling exposed and bare; and no doubt you can see why that would be the case.

The video comes at an interesting time, as more and more discussion is opened up about just how much social media - Instagram especially - is influencing our view on what is and isn't beautiful. We recently discussed why we think make-up tutorials will soon filter out; Due to the fact we're now embracing a more individualistic standard to beauty and starting to no longer feel to pressure to live up to Instagram perfect beauty - which is often edited and filtered several times over.

We hope Breeny carries on with her series and continues sharing her journey as she aims to break the mould and show that beauty comes in many, many different forms.