Bry And Candice No Longer Want To Be Called "YouTubers" - Here's Why

12 September 2016, 15:24 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

In a candid new vlog, Bry and Candice open up about money, their audience, and the way being an "internet star" has impacted Bry's music career.

For many young people these days, "YouTuber" is a major career goal. Making fun stuff on the internet, with the added bonus of a built-in audience and fanbase to help you advance in the world; it all sounds like living the absolute dream. But what happens when becoming a YouTuber holds you back from where you really want to be?

This has sort of become an awkward reality for Bry and Candice. Singer-songwriter Bry, who with his wife and fellow vlogger Candice, has opened up for the first time about a lot of issues they face from living in the public eye - including audience pressures, money, and most notably, the ways in which YouTube has both boosted and hindered Bry's musical career.

"From the beginning, I was strongly advised to distance myself completely from YouTube, and to stop being perceived as a 'YouTuber'," confesses Bry; admitting that he started to agree with them, after a string of reviews seemed to discredit his work as a musician in favour of being a YouTube star.

"Thus began my dilemma - I didn't want to be perceived as a YouTuber, but I can't stop making videos!" admits Bry. "To stop YouTubing altogether would be this horrific goodbye to this lovely platform we have, and it would be so sad".

The couple admit that living in the spotlight has also brought another myriad of issues - including money. Having moved to London over the summer, job-hunting has become a new activity that doesn't factor into Bry and Candice's upload schedule.

"The money generated from these videos every week goes to a wonderful Irish cancer charity," notes Candice. "However, sometimes we wish that not all of [it] went to charity every month."

Bry and Candice join many other YouTubers making an effort to be more open and candid with their audiences, admitting to the struggles they face and the expectations put upon them by certain viewers. For more from the couple, check out their vlog above.