Byte: Here's your first look at Vine 2

23 April 2019, 12:43

vine 2 byte video dom hofmann
Picture: Twitter: Dom Hofmann
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Vine's creator has shared videos of the new Vine - and it looks perfect

It's finally here folks, your first proper look at Byte, the spiritual successor to Vine, which is being created by the man behind the original app.

For legal purposes (Twitter own the rights to Vine), the app has a new name and is not technically associated with the original app in any way - but it's pretty clear from even a cursory glance that Byte is a new and improved Vine. It is Vine 2 in everything but name.

Dom Hoffman, one of the original creators of Vine, has been working on Byte for a good while now and steadily drip-feeding a healthy number of updates on his Twitter account.

Dom tweeted out a video of Byte in action (it is currently in a beta stage). He commented on the video saying:

"the byte beta we’ve been running with friends and family *feels* exactly like the vine friends and family beta, down to the weird but appealing randomness of the videos. that’ll change as we expand, but it’s a pretty good sign".

Dom also showed off the login screen, which features a delightfully aesthetically pleasing selection of colourful goop.

Dom has already revealed numerous details about Byte, all of them extremely exciting. Here's a quick 'n dirty rundown of what we can expect from the app:

- Videos (bytes?) will be anywhere between 2 to 6.5 seconds - and always looping, of course.

- There will be no filters within the app (no dog ears for you).

- BUT you can upload videos from your camera roll, so you can add ya filters externally and then upload the videos in.

- "Name calling, facetious attitudes, or any other form of indirect harassment won’t be tolerated.” Hofmann has made a big point of emphasising that he wants the app to be a positive place, with negative behaviour not tolerated.

- Gender pronouns will be a "top level profile feature". Dom has said "it’s a sea change and we need embrace it".

- Last year it was announced that Byte would be released in 'Spring 2019' - and judging by the progress that's been showcased, this seems to be on track to be happening.

We don't know about you, but these all sound like exactly the features we want in a follow-up to Vine! Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to get our hands on this app. A very small number users have already been granted beta access, so it looks like a wide release could be upon us soon.

Vine is dead! Long live Byte!