Estée Lalonde Was Called Out By A Hotel And It Backfired HORRIBLY

23 November 2017, 11:05 | Updated: 27 November 2017, 09:33

Estée Lalonde reading rooms margate hotel
Estée Lalonde reading rooms margate hotel. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

How did they think this would end well?

A lesson was learned this week, dear friends. A fierce and unforgettable lesson: Don't try and come for a well-meaning YouTuber, or Team Internet will dismantle you. This was a lesson learned by the a small English bed and breakfast called 'The Reading Rooms' that inexplicably decided to try and call out lifestyle and beauty YouTuber Estée Lalonde.

Estée had stayed at the hotel and while there she had taken a pic of herself in her room. As is typical for an influencer, as really just for any person living in the 21st century, she tagged the picture with the various clothes she was wearing. As beauty fans will know, she will have done this merely because she knows that people may be curious about what she was wearing.

But the hotel was not happy

The hotel started calling Estée out on Twitter, claiming that the tagged picture counted as an 'ad' and that by making an 'ad' in their hotel room, she owed them money. Estée and everyone else who saw the tweet responded with a swift "uhh... no lol" and it became immediately clear that the hotel's biggest issue was a fundamentally lack of knowledge about influencers, or digital advertising. Their tweets have now been deleted (funny that).

It doesn't help that they decided to pick Estée Lalonde as their target. I mean, if they'd picked JonTron or someone controversial, the internet might have given them a chance, but Estée Lalonde is like the human equivalent of a nice walk on a summer's day where you find a tenner on the ground and also Santa is there. Why don't you just attack a goddamn puppy while you're at it.

Other YouTubers couldn't believe what they were seeing

But the hotel wouldn't listen

Despite approximately zero people taking the hotel's side, they decided to double down and reeeeally insist that Estée had wronged them. As you can imagine, this didn't last long, especially as countless YouTubers and fans started joining the chorus condemning them.

Then came the multi-tweet apology thread

Like clockwork.

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