Calum McSwiggan Appears In Court To Face "False Assault Claims"

27 September 2016, 09:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Calum insisted he was "not guilty".

Can you remember VidCon waaaaay back in the year? It's that special moment in the calendar when you and thousands of other YouTube-obsessed people gather together to meet your favourite creators and make friendships that will last forever. However, one YouTuber had a pretty rough time as he was allegedly assaulted outside a gay club in West Hollywood - but he's now appeared in court for falsifying these assault claims.

Calum McSwiggan, a 26-year-old vlogger from London, is popular on YouTube for his LGBT+ community focused videos and charismatic personality. But back on the 27th of June, Calum claims that he was beaten up outside The Abbey by three men before contacting the Los Angeles Police Department. The problem was, once the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigated Calum's report, they were "unable to substantiate the assault" and instead he was charged with submitting "false assault claims".

Yesterday, Calum appeared in court to defend himself after eventually being arrested for vandalising a car and submitting the false report - to which he states he is not guilty. Because of this, he is due back in court for a pre-trial hearing on the 8th of November and left no further comments as he left the court room.

Following the attack back in June, Calum posted a shocking photo (below) to Instagram picturing the "worst night of [his] life". Details later came to light that the stitches on his head were NOT caused by the alleged gay club attack, but that they actually happened after Calum began injuring himself with the payphone at the Police station. Calum has spoke openly on his social media about "being accused of being a liar", but his fate is now in the hands of the court room in two months time.


But now it's your turn - what do you believe of Calum McSwiggan's assault case; was he faking the injuries or are the Police not investigating the crime thoroughly? Let us know in comments below.