UPDATE: Calum McSwiggan FAILS To Turn Up For Court- Here's Why

20 July 2016, 09:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We have all the details right here.

Following on from the amazing time we all had at VidCon 2016, news quickly came to light that a YouTuber had been involved in a really serious hate crime in West Hollywood. Calum McSwiggan, a 26-year-old LGBT vlogger from London, was allegedly assaulted by three men outside a gay club, however he was then later arrested for vandalising a car and "faking gay hate crime injuries". He had the chance to defend himself in Court this week, but decided to go on holiday instead.

In the early hours of June 27th, Calum McSwiggan suffered three broken teeth and six stitches to the head after being attacked outside The Abbey gay club in West Hollywood. After posting a picture of himself from a hospital bed on Instagram, reports soon came out that Calum had in fact been taken to hospital after he began "injuring himself" with a police payphone following an arrest for vandalism. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department looked into Calum's attackers, but were "unable to substantiate the assault".

Since all of this happened, Calum's Court hearing has creeped closer and closer. Even though he had previously pleaded not guilty, Calum was due to appear in the Los Angeles International Airport Courthouse on Tuesday 19th of July, however he did not attend this hearing because he was on holiday in Spain to visit his family; "I have the pool to myself because all the children are running around the outside of the pool catching Pokemon".

The new hearing date has been moved to September 26th in California, and a spokesperson has confirmed that Calum's pre-trial will be taking place on that day. However, with a Twitter profile details his trips to the Zoo and various encounters with Pokemon Go, we hope that Calum knows what he's doing by missing out on such an important opportunity to defend what happened to him on that night back in June. We'll keep you updated if anything more comes to light.

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