Candace Lowry Warns About The Dangers Of The "Military Diet"

5 July 2017, 12:45 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Was her experience really worth it?

A lot of YouTubers experiment with fad lifestyle hacks or diets as part of their content; but it isn't always a lot of fun. And lifestyle vlogger Candace Lowry learned this the hard way this week, when she attempted the trending "Military Diet".

candace lowry military diet reaction

The Military Diet promises results of "up to 10lbs lost in a week".

It consists of three days of gradually reduced calorie intake; beginning with 1,300 on Day 1 and moving down to 1,100 by day 3. Then there are 4 days of 1,500 calories allowed per day. Candace shared the meal plan provided for each day, in the video chronicling her week-long effort.

military diet meal plan candace lowry

"I thought 'if it's something that people in the army do, it should be safe,'" confesses Candace after her experience. "Boy, was I wrong."

"It's only called the 'military diet' because only the strong survive."

Watch Candace's video below.

Over the course of the week that Candace recorded her progress, she admits to becoming much more irritable and lethargic in her hunger.

"Don't call me a baby until you've tried this," snaps Candace after Day 3. "I could cut a bitch right now."

After the week was over, Candace had found the diet fairly ineffective.

Admitting that she had lost a couple of pounds (though not the 10 the diet promises), Candace believes she gained it all back replenishing foods she couldn't have, claiming the nutrition was "all over the place".

"I do not recommend this to anybody; I don't care how skinny you wanna get, how fast... It was weird."


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