Casey Neistat Just Quit Daily Vlogging... Because It Was “Pretty Easy"

21 November 2016, 11:39 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Whoa, this is big!

This is honestly a day we never saw coming. After 18 months of uploading some of the most well-produced and fascinating vlogs on the platform, Casey Neistat has officially retired from daily vlogging. He will still be creating content for YouTube, but if you want to feel awful about your own self-motivation and dedication to anything ever, just wait until you find out exactly why Casey quit...

It turns out that after making 10 minute super cuts of his daily life for the past 18 months, Casey believes that vlogging is "pretty easy" and is going to give it up to find something that challenges him more. In his words, "[vlogging] hasn't been the creative fistfight that I want and need every single day". He goes into more details about why he's making this dramatic change in the video below, in which you see him in his iconic sunglasses and room combo:

Casey also shares details of the success of his channel, which honestly makes it even more unbelievable that he's stepping away from the title as King of the Vloggers. Over 28 days in September, he got over 155 million views and attracted 1.1 million new subscribers which is "the kind of success that [he] never would have imagined when [he] started, and that kind of success makes you comfortable".

Following on from the YOLO attitude he took back when he was 19 years old (he quit his job in Connecticut to move to New York City to become a filmmaker), Neistat seems to feel that's he's done the best of his vlogs, and now want to move onto something different. "It's time to embrace a new opportunity, it's time to try something else because the success of this vlog has not satiated my appetite, it's only made me more hungry".

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