The Cash Me Outside Girl Has Started Beef With David Dobrik For The Pettiest Reason

25 September 2017, 11:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

The Cash Me Outside Girl Has Started Beef With Dav

By Josh Lee

Because eventually every possible thing will happen on the internet.

Daniele Bregolie - aka the Cash Me Outside girl - has kicked off at David Dobrik this week because she's got a new single to promote given enough time the internet will produce any and all situations, no matter how improbable they may seem.

The drama began on 21st September, when Danielle tweeted, "hey Shane Dawson you way funnier than dabid Doric bitch ass. I fuck wit [sic] you." The comment appeared to come out of nowhere, but after a little digging we think we've found why Danielle, who has been enjoying internet fame following a string of wildly appropriative trap-lite songs and a five-year probation sentence, might be pressed.

Why is Cash Me Outside girl mad at David Dobrik

Earlier this year, David deleted a sketch he had initially shared in February, which showed Daniella visiting his new house. David claimed that this was due to Danielle's management wanting the video to take down, so no real cause for beef there. However, David then got a friend to perform a slightly uncharitable impression of the internet star for a replacement video - hence the saltiness towards him.

Check out David explaining the situation and his impression of Danielle below:

Why is Shane Dawson involved in the Cash Me Outside Girl x David Dobrik hoo-hah?

While Shane Dawson hasn't beefed with David Dobrik directly, Danielle did name-check him in her Tweet. This is most likely because Shane has been a (sort of) vocal supporter of her work so far. We say "sort of" because last week Shane deleted a string of tweets supporting the "musician" and internet star - but still tweeted to "I fuck wit [sic] you" at her on 22nd September.

David has so far not responded to Danielle's call-out, perhaps because he's busy dealing with potential deportation thanks to Donald Trump's latest discriminatory immigration policy. Or maybe he just doesn't care.

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